Guidelines on how to safely handle a washable, reusable droplet mask

Since washable, reusable, home-made, fabric droplet masks are a new innovation, it is important that we have some guidelines on how to safely handle these masks. How should you put it on, how should you take it off, how often should you wash it, how should you wash it, and so on.

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Over the past few decades, audiological ototoxicity monitoring has proven to be effective in early detection, identification, and as a resultant, the prevention of ototoxicity or medication-induced hearing loss. Ototoxicity is an adverse pharmacological reaction affecting the inner ear and is characterized by cochlear and/or vestibular dysfunction. Medication induced ototoxicity may result in temporary or permanent hearing and balance dysfunction.

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Clinical recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic in your audiology practice

The first COVID-19 case was reported in China in November 2019. Only four months after the outbreak, the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. A pandemic is a global outbreak of a new disease - meaning the disease is spread worldwide. In essence, and not to instil fear, everyone is at risk, primarily if the number of patients that are sick exceeds the current healthcare system resource available.

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Cleaning your KUDUwave audiometer and Orca spirometer during the COVID-19 outbreak

Minimize Contact and Disinfect

Many clinics who are able are leaving the door to the clinic open, so the doorknob is one less surface to touch. They are not having individuals sign-in so community pens are not being touched. Reducing the number of surfaces that need to be touched is a good goal. It is reasonable to encourage patients to use hand sanitizer when they enter the clinic space for everyone’s safety.

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Powerful stories from KUDUwave users

Thank you to everyone who shared their story on how you’re changing the lives of people with KUDUwave. Despite the competition’s end, we encourage all KUDUwave users out there to share your story with us - We’re all ears (always).

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Criteria For Defining Asymmetrical Hearing Loss

Asymmetrical hearing loss is not always taken seriously by healthcare professionals outside of audiology -

"It can be a tumour"!

Asymmetrical hearing loss is of important diagnostic interest as it has implications on the treatment, surgery and rehabilitation of the patient. Most clinicians have had a patient showing an asymmetric hearing loss on their audiogram (check out our previous blog post on How to Read an Audiogram), bringing forward questions such as: is this worth a referral? Asymmetrical hearing loss is defined as a hearing loss that is significantly worse in one ear compared to the other. But how much worse is significantly worse?

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Degrees of hearing loss versus Grades of hearing impairment and some maths on how to classify the configuration of hearing loss

While hearing loss is defined as partial or total inability to hear sounds with one or both ears, it is much more complex than that. To that end, a lot of research has been done and an important number of standards have been written regarding the topic of hearing loss. This vast amount of information has served to better classify hearing loss, to reduce the complexity of its definition and to assist clinicians in uniform diagnosis of hearing loss. 

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An otoscopic examination is essential: Don’t skip it.

Each person has their own method of building a puzzle. Generally, you begin with the edges because they are the quickest to identify. One should approach screening and diagnosis in the same fashion, piece by piece discovering the overall picture. As a healthcare professional, you will need your patient to be thoroughly prepared for an audiometric test. This will include a comprehensive case history and an otoscopic examination.

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Understanding Audiometer Calibration and Test Room Certifications

Most people understand the difference between a wrench and a screwdriver, but this does not qualify them to be a mechanic. Car owners know that without regular maintenance by a qualified mechanic, their car will in time, breakdown. Nobody wants to be stranded with a broken car in the middle of nowhere. Similarly, you do not want your equipment to fail in front of a patient. Awkward…

Just as your car has a service plan with scheduled maintenance, so should your audiometer.

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eMoyo’s Greatest Hits on the KUDUwave Blog!

Join us in the count down to the most viewed blog post eMoyo has shared to date.

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Acoustic Stapedial Reflex Measurements with the KUDUwave TMP

On account of the exciting launch of the KUDUwave TMP, our previous blog post covered the importance of tympanometry in every hearing healthcare setting.

With the KUDUwave TMP, a clinician can conduct automatic and manual (pressure change) tympanometry assessments, and ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic reflex measurements (with pure tones and broad-band noise).

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Things to Consider When Choosing an Audiometer

For the past few years, occupational healthcare has been considered one of the best career paths for college graduates.

When you get in the field, setting up your own practice can be challenging if you don't know a lot about the tools of the trade. Your audiometer is going to be one of the most important tools for diagnosing and treating issues.

Here is what you need to think about when you're considering buying one.

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The Critical Role of Tympanometry in Hearing Healthcare

The most commonly used test for evaluating auditory sensitivity among people of almost all-ages is pure tone audiometry. This method has been proven to be reliable in measuring hearing, especially in adults. While pure tone audiometry can be used in very young children and in adults, it is unreliable when used to test children or adults who may not understand instructions.

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Stenger Test and Patient response monitoring with KUDUwave

While the general population are unlikely to attempt to malinger or exaggerate their hearing loss, the prevalence of nonorganic hearing loss (NOHL) is much higher when secondary gains are expected. For example, much research has reported a higher prevalence of audiometry malingering in industrial workers and military personnel.

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A Free & Easy Way To Get More Customers To Your Practice.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business whether established or new. While Audiologists and doctors will be focused on patients occupational/industrial health companies will be looking for clients (who have patients). Either way, you need more of them.

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Audiometry Without The Soundbooth - And Stuff About Everest

Sure, you could attempt to test hearing loss without a soundbooth, in fact many people do. You could also try to scale mount everest without a sherpa, barefoot and wearing a tutu.

It is conceivably possible, but, why on earth would you do that?

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Speech Testing With KUDUwave™

Pure tone and speech audiometry  go hand in hand and are a vital combination in hearing health assessment and management. Speech audiometry is used to assess a patient’s sensitivity to speech as well as clarity to speech heard. Used in conjunction with pure-tone audiometry, speech testing is integral in quantifying benefit from amplification and in determining audiological management decisions (i.e. consideration of alternative hearing amplification devices)...

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The Future Of Audiometry Does Not Include The Sound Booth. Here's why

The audiometric booth has long been the standard in audiometry and for good reason. Without it, we would not have the sound blocking that makes accurate hearing assessment possible as noise would interfere with the tones presented and patients would not be able to respond correctly.

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Easily Skyrocket Your Audiology Practice With Less

So, why don’t you own your own practice? Why can’t you see more patients every day? Can’t you find ways of better managing your time? Why do I have to go somewhere else for another hearing test? Can’t you use the results of the hearing screening?

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We're Blowing Our Own Trumpet

As the manufacturer of the KUDUwave portable audiometer we  are thrilled that we have just received the fresh new copy of our ISO 13485; 2016 certificate, and updated, migrated EC certificate.

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Masking in Audiology: Rules For Knowing exactly when to mask?

Binaural hearing, or simply put, the ability to hear with both ears helps us to localize sounds, be aware of your surroundings, hear better in background noise (when one has normal hearing), perceive better sound quality, and strain less when listening.

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Hearing Assessments in the Elderly Population

Age-related hearing loss (presbycusis) is the most prevalent sensory impairment in the elderly. Approximately one in three adults between the ages of 65 and 74 have some degree of hearing loss, while almost half of those older than 75 experience hearing problems.

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How Deaf Teens Are Benefiting From Social Media

We spent the first few years of their lives willing them to sleep. We hunted down the perfect pacifier and spent a fortune for curtains with block-out, all in the hope that they would sleep. And now, we can’t get them out of bed.

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The Link Between Diabetes and Hearing Loss

The prevalence of diabetes is increasing worldwide. Globally, adult diabetes has nearly doubled and is rising more rapidly in middle and low-income countries.

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Bringing Awareness To Hearing Loss On World Hearing Day

Communication is the foundation, the cornerstone, and the very bricks and mortar of our day-to-day lives. It’s how we connect. With each other, our environments, and the world.

Of course, there are several ways in which we can and do communicate, but what happens when we take a whole sense out of the equation?

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