6 Things to Consider when Buying an Audiometer

So…You have planned and documented a business plan for your practice. You have noted the services that you will be providing and now, you need to find an audiometer that meets your needs. Or it may be time to reconsider your current toolset in your current practice. With new options available, it really is the perfect time to contemplate what will work for you and your future plans. You need a device that will suit your program and the services you want to provide.

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Audiology Practice Space Design

“Audiology Practice Space Design’’ is a bit of an unusual topic, especially for clinical audiologists, yet it is an important one.

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5 Ways Audiologists Can Reach More Patients

All businesses, whether in healthcare or not, often fall prey to seasonality. Some months are great and patients seem to pour through the door and it's hard to keep up. Others are dry, with only a few appointments, repairs or follow-ups. It only takes one dry spell watching your bank balance whittled away on running costs to know the panic that sets in.

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5 Ethically Sound Ways To Promote Your Audiology Practice

So you’ve got the perfect location and you have your plan down to a t. You’ve procured all the necessary equipment and are ready to hit the ground running. But then you realize that referrals are not enough to keep business flowing. And outsourcing your marketing needs might not be in the budget. But here’s the good news. You don’t need to outsource. You could handle all the marketing needs of your audiology practice in-house without breaking the bank.

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3 Pro Tips For Selecting The Perfect Audiology Practice Space

In our previous post on 6 Steps to Setting Up an Audiology Business we covered the main steps one would take when venturing out into private practice. We briefly touched on the importance of location and its significance to your practices’ success.

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6 Steps to Setting Up an Audiology Business

Starting up any kind of business is a daunting challenge for many and an audiology practice is no exception. A private practice demands attention, knowledge and stamina as its focus isn’t only for clinical purposes, but for financial too. Apart from the clinical aspect, many of the other factors were either only briefly addressed or, in some cases, not taught at all in grad school.

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How to Successfully plan for a Tele Audiology Practice

In our previous blog posts on ‘How to Implement Tele-Audiology in your Practice’ and ‘The Right Tools for Teleaudiology’ we covered the fundamental aspects of this concept. But an important facet of any ehealth or tele-audiology project that will ultimately dictate the success of your practice is the strategy employed.

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The Right Tools For ehealth in Audiology (tele-audiology)

The main goal of ehealth and in this case, tele-audiology, is to improve access to care, especially for patients in remote areas  or for patients who are unable to come to you.  To succeed at this, one needs to get the right equipment that will enable you to provide these services to those in need.

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