Design thinking - Making Sense of the Complex = Simple Paradox

Humanity finds itself in a strange and sometimes frightening place in the 21st Century.

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution amid exploding research and development into artificial intelligence and robotics, where the man/machine interface is becoming closer and digital, the social landscape is full of paradoxes - one in which our ever-expanding global population is plagued by the phenomenon that while the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

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Deaf or Death? A New Answer to Ototoxicity's Oldest Question

Ototoxicity is the negative effect of certain medications that can cause hearing loss. Even common medication such as Aspirin or ibuprofen pose a risk.  It is well documented but largely ignored and rarely discussed. If you have ever found yourself advocating for ototoxicity monitoring, a question such as “Would you rather the patient die or go deaf?” will not likely be new to you.  While this argument has historically carried validity, advancements in both technology and medication alike offer a new and more helpful answer, “Neither!”.

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