Q&A: KUDUwave, the Evolution of Audiology - With Dr Dirk Koekemoer

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell and his colleague Watson experienced the very first telephone call in their Boston lab. The call wasn't clear or crisp, but it was the end of the telegraph and the beginning of modern day telephony.

Today, the smartphone has further revolutionised the telephone. It integrates multiple technologies to provide crisp and clear communication that reaches across the world.  It even provides access to the world’s knowledge as well as incredible photography too. 

Who, in the 1800’s, would have imagined that this was even  possible?

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Is football fever giving your ears the boot?

Football fever has masses glued to their TV, computer and cellphone screens. This is an enormous event, loved by football fans across the globe. I must admit, the passion rubs off onto an individual like myself, who is not your average football fanatic. This year, Russia has the privilege of hosting the football World Cup. Football enthusiasts all across the world have geared up to watch the beautiful game live in Russia. Reports claim that bookings made to Russia increased by more than 60% compared to the same period last year.

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Why an audiologist could be your best investment

 If you have ever had a conference call  you will likely understand the frustration of being a part of a broken conversation in which you cannot participate.  This video sums it up perfectly and may give you a chuckle. 

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Faking it: How To Spot A Malingerer

Almost every clinician has had a case of malingering. Just a few years ago, while still an undergrad, I came across a patient who was simply ‘faking it’. Sure, most malingerers trip up at some point, but not all of them. Most malingerers don't fully understand the illness or disability they are trying to portray and, like the actors they see on TV, malingerers can only portray a role as well as they understand it. They often overact their part in the belief that the more bizarre their behavior, the more convincing they will be.

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