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Grant heads up marketing and distribution at eMoyo. With over 20 years in creative marketing and entrepreneurship, he is passionate about helping hearing health professionals meet the needs of patients by improving their access to care.
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Things to Consider When Choosing an Audiometer

For the past few years, occupational healthcare has been considered one of the best career paths for college graduates.

When you get in the field, setting up your own practice can be challenging if you don't know a lot about the tools of the trade. Your audiometer is going to be one of the most important tools for diagnosing and treating issues.

Here is what you need to think about when you're considering buying one.

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A Free & Easy Way To Get More Customers To Your Practice.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business whether established or new. While Audiologists and doctors will be focused on patients occupational/industrial health companies will be looking for clients (who have patients). Either way, you need more of them.

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Audiometry Without The Soundbooth - And Stuff About Everest

Sure, you could attempt to test hearing loss without a soundbooth, in fact many people do. You could also try to scale mount everest without a sherpa, barefoot and wearing a tutu.

It is conceivably possible, but, why on earth would you do that?

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The Future Of Audiometry Does Not Include The Sound Booth. Here's why

The audiometric booth has long been the standard in audiometry and for good reason. Without it, we would not have the sound blocking that makes accurate hearing assessment possible as noise would interfere with the tones presented and patients would not be able to respond correctly.

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6 Of Our Most Popular Audiology Posts Of 2018

We are all human and as humans we know how precious time is.  Family, friends, work and social life, especially over the holidays are priority and it can be difficult to keep up to date.

Don't worry, we're here to help you with a collection of our posts that were most popular amongst KUDUwave readers  in 2018. 

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What You Need To Consider For Audiology Practice Space Design

Audiology Practice Space Design’’ is a bit of an unusual topic, especially for clinical audiologists, yet it is an important one.

Times are changing, especially in healthcare. Audiologists are trained specialists in the auditory system and are well prepared for the clinical aspect of their practice.  While most audiologists are trained to work IN a practice, many are not as skilled in working ON their practice.  
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Audiology Marketing | The Ethical Ways To Promote Your Practice

So you’ve got the perfect location and you have your plan down to a T. You’ve procured all the necessary equipment and are ready to hit the ground running. But then you realize that referrals are not enough to keep business flowing.  Time to get marketing. But how do you stay on the right side of ethics. 

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Why KUDUwave Audiometry Software Is Free, Forever

We know that running a practice or any business is tough. While we can’t magic away all of your problems at once, we can help with a few of them and help lighten the load. The KUDUwave already goes a long way in doing this and the software is no different.

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Boothless Audiometry VS Audiometry Without A Sound Booth

At first glance, this title may seem like a redundant statement, but, in reality, these are vastly different concepts and the sooner we address them the better. Let us first remind ourselves of what a soundbooth is actually for. 

There is little consensus among standards for sound booths globally, there are also many countries where standards don't exist and where they do, they can differ from state to state and may never actually be enforced at all. With that said, there is one overarching concept that I am sure we can all agree on.

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Why seeing an audiologist is an investment in company performance

 If you have ever had a conference call  you will likely understand the frustration of being a part of a broken conversation in which you cannot participate.  This video sums it up perfectly and may give you a chuckle. 

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We're betting on task shifting in audiology, and you should too.

World Hearing Day was a little over a month ago. On the day, WHO released their estimates of the numbers they predict will have disabling hearing loss by 2050.

While the numbers they predicted were startling, it didn't seem as though it garnered enough of a reaction.

They estimated that 900 million people will suffer from disabling hearing loss by 2050. That is up from the current number of 466 million.

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Occupational Health Hearing Screening Compliance (SANS).

YES, the Kuduwave™ complies with all required standards as an audiometer.  But lets look deeper  into just how we comply to the South African National Standard (SANS) as they pertain to occupational health, thanks to a report by Dr. Anita Edwards (at the time from the CSIR) 

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Why Audiology Has A Future

Like it or not, audiology is changing, and the challenge to stay relevant is real. But, with change comes opportunity. You need to trust that change is not only constant but necessary and that moving with the times rather than against them is the best plan of action. But how?

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How Telemedicine is Changing the Face of Audiology Forever

As a general rule of life and technology, in particular,  tradition eventually takes a backseat to innovation, convenience, and mobility every single time. Examples of this are all around us, in every industry — a prime example being Landline Telephones in America. In  2005, 90% American households had a landline phone.  Cut to December 2016, and the figure dropped to less than 46%, as per the estimates from the National Health Interview Survey July-Dec 2016.

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How Tele-Audiology Is Taking Hearing Care to Patients in Remote Areas

What could possibly be in common between astronauts living on the International Space Station (ISS) and people eking out a living in rural sub-Saharan Africa? It’s not just isolation that joins these two sets of seemingly contrasting faces of humanity. Ironically enough, it is access to high-quality hearing health care.

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