Double Checking the KUDUwave Settings

When your KUDUwave is connected to your laptop, and it detects the laptop audio settings are not suited for the KUDUwave, the software will attempt to automatically correct it. If at first you don't succeed, here are the exact things to look out for on your laptop.


Speaker Settings


playback devices option
  1. Right click on the speaker at the bottom of your screen on the task bar.    
  2. Select Playback devices. 
  3. Check that the laptop speaker: Realtek High Definition Audio is the Default Device. GA1043 Codec Left and GA1043 Codec Right  are your KUDUwave speakers that present the tone to your patient during testing. These must not be marked as a Default Device.Speaker GA1043 Codec Incorrectly set as the Default Device-1 
  4. Right click on the laptop speaker and select the default device options.Realtek High Definition Audio Set as Default Device
  5. Double click on each of the KUDUwave Speakers and check the following properties:Speaker Properties for the KUDUwave
    • Output level = 95 and the speaker is not muted.muted speaker


Microphone Settings


  1. Recording devices option

    Right click on the speaker at the bottom of your screen on the task bar.
  2. Select Recording Devices
  3. Check that the laptop microphone: Realtek High Definition Audio is the Default Device. GA1043 Codec Left and Right are the microphones which monitor the ambient noise of the room during testing. They are also used to talk to the patient if the headset is already in place.recording device settings
If all the above settings are correct, the KUDUwave has registered with the laptop correctly. Launch the KUDUwave software and conduct a test.

Other Errors Popping Up?


The KUDUwave is incorrectly your current default audio record device 

Default Printer is not selected



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