Laptop Specs for your KUDUwave

Looking for the perfect partner for your KUDUwave? Here is a short checklist to consider when purchasing a new laptop.

To use a KUDUwave audiometer, you will need an accompanying laptop.  Your KUDUwave will be powered directly from this PC and all audiometry tests conducted from the KUDUwave software.  Although you are not limited to this checklist, a laptop with the following minimum specifications is recommended to partner up with your KUDUwave.laptop with KUDUwave Software
    1. Core i3 Processor
    2. 4GB RAM
    3. No less than a 250GB hard drive
    4. 2 USB ports
      • Alternatively, only eMoyo approved self-powered USB hubs may be used.
    5. WiFi enabled
    6. A Webcam
    7. Windows operating system (no older than Windows 7)


 Once you've purchased this versatile tool, set up your WiFi at the nearest coffee bar and register on our website.

You can now peruse our online store and download our latest KUDUwave software in the background, while you enjoy a good cuppa.


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