Just Audiology Stuff: KUDUwave review (Article)

ENT & Audiology News: KUDUwave review (Article)

Validated computer-based Extended High Frequency audiometry: Decentralized and Accessible early detection of hearing loss. (Research Report)

Hearing Assessment - Reliability, Accuracy & Efficiency of Automated Audiometry. (Publication)

Intercontinental hearing assessment – a study in tele-audiology. (Publication)

Kuduwave™ Audiometer – Validation of Air And Bone Conduction Thresholds. (Research Report)

KUDUwave™ comparison of SDT, SRT and PTA in normal hearing individuals. (Research Report)

Pure-tone audiometry outside a sound booth using earphone attenuation, integrated noise monitoring, and automation. (Publication)

Remote Telehealth hearing assessment in a rural community - a validation study. (Thesis)

Validation of KUDUwave™ Extended High Frequencies. (Research report)

Test-retest reliability of the KUDUwave™. (Research report)

Validity of Diagnostic Computer Based Audiometer for AC and BC Audiometry. (Publication)

Validity of Diagnostic Pure Tone Audiometry Using A Portable Computerised Audiometer Without a Sound-treated Environment. (Thesis)

Validity of diagnostic pure-tone audiometry without a sound-treated environment in older adults. (Publication)

Medical Surveillance Without a Sound Booth.  - Validation

Accuracy, Reliability and Efficiency Of Automated Audiometry

Diagnostic Pure-Tone Audiometry in Schools: Mobile Testing without a Sound-Treated Environment. (Publication)

Ambient noise impact on accuracy of automated audiometry. (Publication)

Accuracy of Remote Hearing Assessment in a Rural Community. (Publication)

Evaluation of the Kuduwave™ audiometer for compliance with standards for hearing conservation purposes. (Research Report)

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