Validated computer-based Extended High Frequency audiometry. (Research Report)

Validated computer-based Extended High Frequency audiometry: Decentralized and Accessible early detection of hearing loss. (Research Report)

This study validated extended high frequency (EHF) audiometry using insert earphones with a computer-based audiometer (KUDUwave™).

Extended high frequency audiometry is the measurement of pure-tone thresholds at frequencies above 8 kHz up to 20 kHz.  

Unmasked pure tone air conduction thresholds were obtained across the extended high frequencies. Manual thresholds were obtained with the GSI 61 audiometer in a sound-treated booth using the HDA200 headset (supra-aural earphones). Lastly, manual thresholds were obtained with the KUDUwave™ in a quiet office using insert earphones (<50 dBA). 

The results show that the mean air-conduction hearing threshold difference between the GSI 61 audiometer and the KUDUwave™ audiometer across the extended high frequencies thresholds for both right and left ears were less than 5 dB. 

Based on the findings of the study, the results show that, statistically, the EHF absolute threshold means showed no difference between the industry standard (GSI 61) and the KUDUwave™ audiometer recordings. 

Overall, the current study findings indicate that the KUDUwave™ audiometer is a valid form of assessment of pure tone air conduction of the EHF.

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