Comparison of SDT, SRT and PTA. (Research Report)

SRT and PTA correlate well with an acceptable standard deviation. PTA and SDT correlate as expected with an acceptable standard deviation. The KUDUwave™ PTA, SRT and SDT correlate clinically with each other. The KUDUwave™ can confidently be used for Speech Audiometry.

The study was aimed to verify if the KUDUwave™ will accurately tests speech audiometry as predicted after calibration. The n value of 16 was increased to 34 ears of normal hearing individuals to verifying that speech testing is accurate. This study confirms that speech testing is accurate. Important is to realise that conventional speech testing happens with an operator reading words live while monitoring a sensor whether the words were read at the correct VU. The KUDUwave™ has clinically validated accurate thresholds with pre-recorded word lists. The KUDUwave™ is much more accurate than conventional live speech audiometry.

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