Pure-tone audiometry outside a sound booth (Publication)

Pure-tone audiometry outside a sound booth using earphone attenuation, integrated noise monitoring, and automation. (Publication)

This study investigated and reported on automated mobile audiometer with double-attenuation (increased attenuation) and real-time noise monitoring for use in clinical audiology testing without a sound booth. The KUDUwave™ was the device used in this study. Clinical validity was determined by comparing pure tone (air- and bone conduction) thresholds obtained by the KUDUwave™ inside and outside a sound booth.

Improved passive attenuation and valid environmental noise live monitoring was demonstrated during the study. Air- and bone conduction thresholds inside and outside of a sound booth corresponded within 5 dB or less when compared. Threshold differences obtained in the different environments (inside and outside a sound booth) were not statistically different.

This study demonstrated that accurate and reliable test results/thresholds in a natural environment using automated testing comparable to that of manual audiometry conducted within a sound booth is possible when using the KUDUwave™.

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 For more information about attenuation view ambient-noise-attenuation-the-key-to-reliable-hearing-assessment

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