Pure-tone audiometry outside a sound booth using earphone attenuation, integrated noise monitoring, and automation. (Publication)

This study provides evidence that valid diagnostic air and bone conduction pure tone audiometry can be conducted using a computer-based audiometer with increased attenuation noise excluding earcups and live monitoring of ambient noise in a natural environment or industrial setting.

Firstly this study includes the method of determining the attenuation of noise by the KUDUwave™ ear tips / cup combined. These attenuation values are required to calculate the MPANL for EN 26189, ANSI S3.6 and SANS 10182 for the KUDUwave™. Secondly the KUDUwave™ SPL meters were calibrated to ensure accurate ambient noise monitoring. Thirdly it was confirmed that the KUDUwave™ can test accurately outside a sound booth.

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