Validity of Diagnostic Computer-Based Air and Forehead Bone Conduction Audiometry. (Publication)

Air and bone conduction thresholds of the computer based audiometer corresponded to those of the industry standard audiometer within typical test-retest reliability limits. Audiometric testing with a computer-based audiometer with insert earphones, additional circumaural earcup attenuation, and a bone-oscillator assembly therefore provide equivalent thresholds compared with conventional audiometry with an industry standard audiometer—at least in a sound booth test environment. In light of previous reports demonstrating the validity of automation and telemedicine applications using this computer-based audiometer, current findings indicate that it can be used reliably in controlled hearing and occupational health care settings. Future investigations into the reliability of audiometry, in suboptimal acoustic environments offered by the additional attenuation and monitoring of noise offered by this device, are still necessary.
This study was conducted using the KUDUwave™ and comparing manual air and bone conduction with masking testing of the KUDUwave™ with manual testing on an existing CE approved golden standard audiometer for air and bone conduction with masking. The results are comparable and within test retest limits meaning the KUDUwave™ tests manually as accurate as the golden standard


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