Research Report Validating the Kuduwave™ for Medical Surveillance Without a Sound Booth. 

This research aimed to investigate the validity of the use of the KUDUwave™ for testing hearing threshold levels and the Percentage Loss of Hearing (PLH) in occupational health setting for medical surveillance of hearing without a sound booth. This study was conducted to answer the question: ‘’How do Kuduwave results compare with industry standard annual air conduction pure-tone audiometry?’’

Participants hearing thresholds levels were obtained with the use of a conventional audiometer inside a sound booth. The same participants were further tested to obtain their threshold levels using the KUDUwave™ in a room without a sound booth to validate the results. The PLH of each participant was calculated with both the KUDUwave™ results and the conventional audiometer results separately.

The results from this study conclude and confirm that the KUDUwave™ can be used for medical surveillance audiometry without a sound-treated booth. Additionally, the study confirms the clinical validity of the KUDUwave™ for calculating the Percentage Loss of Hearing accurately, without a sound-treated booth.


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